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Professional Services

We will remove your buckthorn and other noxious shrubs, trees, and plants. 
We end it for good and add and nurture desirable native plants

Invasive Buckthorn Removal

Our priority is to nurture and restore the beautiful native forest by removing Buckthorn and other noxious shrubs recognized and deemed to be devastating to our natural environment landscape, forest habitats, and infecting human health with new diseases and the economy, natural resources.
To stop the spread of buckthorn, the weed seeds must be removed and handled properly. We contain the reproductive parts and transport them to a special area. “we” also do complimentary follow-ups, we come back the next season to check on all the stumps, to make sure there is no new growth coming from stumps and they are completely dead. This is guaranteed professional results.

Forest Restorations

The whole reason to fight invasive plants is to restore the native plants that belong in our shared forest. At the same time as reducing the spread and infiltration of buckthorn, we replace and encourage growth of native herbaceous plants and woody shrubs and trees in the forest and surrounding area. We plant trees, shrubs, plants ranging from 2 and 7 feet tall, all native specie. Trees and shrubs prefer a range of growing conditions.

Sami chipping away the buckthorn in Brantford.

We serve residential & commercial properties as well as work with local municipalities
in the Hamilton, Brant, Halton, Haldimand and Niagara Regions of Ontario

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Sami Kallu, Hamilton, Ontario