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Professional common buckthorn and glossy buckthorn removal. Removal of 30 other non-native invasive trees, shrubs, vines and evergreen ground cover plants.

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Are you looking for the best invasive plant removal in Hamilton Ontario area?

Well you are in luck! Finding a Reliable and trusted company in Hamilton Ontario, For your invasive plants removal job is hard to find. with us you can trust that we will eradicate invasive buckthorn shrubs and more. Guaranteed!

Buckthorne invasion can harm the economy and the environment, and it can kill a forest. It out-competes our native plants, reduces biodiversity, it degrades the quality of wildlife habitat, and impacts wide range of industries, communities, and our health. Common buckthorn is listed as noxious weed and it has poisonous berries.

We serve residential & commercial properties as well as work with local municipalities
in the Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand and Niagara Regions of Ontario

A message from Sami
“I love our forests. I love the magnificence of the formations, tree colours the sounds, the feeling of being in the woods, the animals that inhabit them, even the tiny details of the mushrooms and mosses. We each have pieces of the big wonderful forest we all share, and it is our duty to protect it all from certain death by fighting against the Buckthorn and other invasive plants, and encouraging and planting desirable native plants, shrubs and trees for a healthy environment. These changes benefits all including the forests, the wildlife and offer the environment a natural ecosystem to improve soil and water conservation, without the “interruptions” from invasive” species”. 

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Berries contribute to Buckthorn's aggressive invasiveness.

The berries get spread around and enable the plant to take root and aggressively move through out an area and dominate.